The National Association of Lease and Title Analysts membership is comprised of many Professional Lease and Title Analysts.

This membership represents hundreds of companies and many independents from all over the United States and Canada. Each year our organization hosts its industry leading conference, participates with its local chapters, and participates with other leading trade organizations.

Our Purpose

We further the education of our members through a variety of channels including seminars and our annual conference.

Our professionalism is enhanced by our dedicated focus on education and scholarships.

We promote communications via our quarterly news magazine, our organization email blasts, and through our website.

Exposure to NALTA is achieved by participation in the annual NAPE Expo and by constructive dialogue with affiliated chapters and other organizations like CAPLA and NADOA.

The status and professional recognition is advanced through our CPLTA program and continuous improvement with our educational opportunities.

NALTA is a volunteer organization

We provide opportunities for members to participate in various teams and committes while developing their leadership skills. Our site selection team introduces volunteers to contract negotiation and planning skills. The technology team is engaged with many committees. Our Election Committee secures qualified candidates for positions as Officers and Directors. The conference committee is composed of various internal committees who carve up the work associated with conducting our annual conference.

Being a volunteer allows members the chance to develop leadership skills, as well as refine existing managerial skills. These skills facilitate career advancing positions within the industry.