Program Requirements and Details

Do I qualify to apply for the CPLTA Certification?




To qualify for candidacy, you must be a current NALTA member in good standing.


To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must furnish evidence of having completed a minimum of seven years of full-time work experience (or work/study equivalent) directly related to lease and title analysis, lease administration within the energy industry, or in a related supervisory or management position.

07-cplta-review-pictureACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT

A maximum of three years’ credit may be granted toward the seven-year work/study requirement based on evidence of the applicant’s having attained certain recognized levels of academic achievement. Credit is allocated as follows:

  • Two years credit for having earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • One year additional credit for an advanced degree from an accredited college or university.


Each applicant must satisfy standards of character and integrity as set out in the Code of Ethics of the Bylaws of the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts. The candidate’s signature on the application form will warrant his/her personal acknowledgement and acceptance of the conditions and responsibilities that go with the designation CPLTA and constitute an affidavit as to the truth of all statements made in the application.


Each applicant will receive written or email notice of the decision to approve or disapprove candidacy. Those approved for candidacy will be furnished information regarding the CPLTA examination schedule, review material and seminars. In the event candidacy is denied, the reason(s) for denial will be specified and the applicant will have 45 days after receipt of notice to file an appeal with the Board of Directors of NALTA. The Board’s decision will be final.


Each approved candidate’s name and address will be published in the next issue of the NALTA News and/or on the NALTA Website. Any member who believes there is just cause for withholding certification will have 45 days from date of publication to submit his/her views in a signed statement to the Certification Committee. All such statements will be investigated and resolved. As with every other phase of the certification process, strict confidentiality will be maintained.



Fees may be paid by check or through PayPal by visiting the following link: Certification Fees & Manual Purchase

CPLTA Review Manual (Payable to NALTA): $175.00

Non-Refundable Application & Exam Fee (Payable to NALTA): $125.00

Review Fee (Payable to the hosting local chapter): Varies, Contact your local certification liaison

Re-certification Fee (Payable to NALTA): $50.00


NALTA recommends the purchase of our comprehensive CPLTA Review Manual. The manual was designed to be a study reference for analysts preparing for the CPLTA Exam, a textbook for the CPLTA Review, and an exhaustive desk reference for analysts of all experience levels. Manuals are available for purchase at by visiting the following link:

Certification Fees & Manual Purchase


Upon approval of candidacy by the Committee, each candidate shall have two years to sit for and pass a certification examination designed to assess his/her overall knowledge and command of lease and title work. Should this time limit lapse before sitting for the exam, the candidate must reapply and go through the approval process from the beginning.

The Certification Committee will set the cost of sitting for the CPLTA exam. The examination will be objective in format, covering such topics as leases, title, contracts, conveyances, pooling, unitization, and lease administration. After the exam is graded, the Certification Director will notify the candidate of the exam results on a pass/fail basis as to each of the four sections of the exam. Exact numerical scores will not be given, nor will a candidate be allowed to see his/her examination once the exam has been taken. A candidate who fails all or part of the examination will be allowed two retakes to pass the examination. Failure to pass all sections of the examination in two retakes will require the applicant to reapply for certification and be reapproved. The first and second retakes of the examination must be concluded within a two year timeframe following approval to sit for the examination.

Upon successful completion of all sections of the certification examination, the candidate shall be notified by the Certification Director (by mail or email within 45 days) and the candidate will be given a unique certification number and asked to fill in a form showing how they would like their name to appear on their certification certificate. The effective date of certification will be the first day of January following completion of the grading of the examination.


Certification will be granted to each candidate who satisfactorily fulfills all stated requirements, pays all necessary fees and successfully completes the CPLTA exam. A formal certificate will be issued bearing the analyst’s unique certification number and date of certification. The CPLTA designation is granted for an initial period of five calendar years.


Recertification will occur at five year intervals and will be contingent upon the satisfaction of continuing eligibility requirements. The certified analyst must continue to demonstrate the high standards required of a CPLTA. In addition, demonstration of an ongoing program of educational, ethical and professional development is required. To qualify for recertification, the CPLTA must accrue 50 recertification credits (two of which must be Ethics) within the prescribed five year period.

Recertification credits are earned based on continuing education credits as described in Section VI of the Voluntary Certification Program.

The recertification fee may be paid by check or through PayPal by visiting the following link: Certification Fees & Manual Purchase. The recertification fee is $50.00.


Check with your Certification Committee Local Liaison if there are no currently planned reviews or exams scheduled near your location.


Who is my local liaison?

To look up the local liaison who is closest to you visit our Committee and Local Liaison page.

How much does it cost to become a CPLTA?

Costs may vary but typically the entire process is roughly $400. This estimate includes a CPLTA Review Manual ($175), Application & Exam Fee ($125) and Review Fee ($50-$100). Please note that the review fee is only an estimate and can change depending on the location where you attend a review. Review the CPLTA fees section above for more details.

Are there any scholarships available to help with associated costs?

Yes, NALTA and several of the local associations may be able to assist with some of the costs. Check with your local liaison for more details.

Do I have to be a member of NALTA to apply?

Yes, you must be a current NALTA member in good standing to apply for the CPLTA designation.