00-cplta-logoIn 1989, the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts (NALTA) implemented the Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA) program to enhance the professional status and provide a reliable standard of excellence and achievement amongst qualified lease and title analysts.

Participation is voluntary and only available to NALTA members in good standing. Candidates who meet the established criteria and who successfully complete a comprehensive examination will be granted the coveted title of Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA).

Why Become Certified?

CPLTA’s are recognized for exemplifying the highest standards of experience, competence and integrity. Earning the CPLTA designation has been known to:

  • Help you earn credibility and respect
  • Open more opportunities for advancement
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Prove your willingness to invest in your own development
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your profession
  • Build confidence in your lease and title analysis knowledge


Do I qualify to apply for the CPLTA Certification? 

CPLTA Program Requirements and Details

CPLTA Publication Notices

The certification program is proud to announce the following applicants as they prepare to sit for the CPLTA Exam:


Marilyn Joyce, Teresa L. Baldwin


Scott Olson, Nathan Radtke, Jessica Sheroke, Scott Martin, Jessica Davis, Kate Kenny, Tracy Tindell, Chris Cobbs, Becky Rodgers, Sarita Berry, Emily Woodside


Diana Rose, Lindsey Weise, Ramon Elizondo


Marcus Brown, Jr., Ashley Evans, Jessica Bailey, Valerie Kanelopulos


Josh Gilliam


Judy Mills


Dana Spickler, Nicholas J. Nelson, Tiffany Manen


Kim Hall, Norma Penn, Kerry Hereden, Amy Schelfhout


Kathryn LaRue, Katie Hess, Cara Hill


Emily Davidson, Trinity Carman, Michael Cummings, Kenton Boevers, Jared Breedlove, Katy King, Sergio Rivera, Brian Cox


Emily Nowlin, Alaine Ainsworth, Clayton Rippstein, Allison Kaiser Jenkins, Nicole Dimond, Michele Luna, Ariana Christine, Nicholas Allensworth


Collin Pedersen, Katie Cummings, Donn Frye


Lisa Demasi, Jeremy Horn, Christopher Harris, Elizabeth Porter


Mindy Warren


Karly Nanz, Sharon Payne, April Hubbard, Elizabeth Newton


Sharon Mercer, Barbara Jaros, Christopher Elswick

Certification Manual Purchase

NALTA recommends the purchase of our comprehensive CPLTA Review Manual. The manual was designed to be a study reference for analysts preparing for the CPLTA Exam, a textbook for the CPLTA Review, and an exhaustive desk reference for analysts of all experience levels. Manuals are available for purchase at www.NALTA.org by visiting the following link:

Certification Fees & Manual Purchase